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Logitech V220 kisses gunmental gray goodbye


Logitech is among the best maker of mice (its poor Mac support notwithstanding) but designs tend toward gray, black and the occasional flash of plastichrome. These new V220s, $30 notebook size models with no extra buttons, make a more colorful …

Logitech Flight System G940


Proper flight sticks are few and far between these days, with an active market—or at least sort of active—for even used models. With flight simulators no longer a major market for videogames, there just isn't as much of …

I know this is old news, but don't buy the Logitech VX Nano if you like middle clicking


"Never buy anything without researching it," I smugly tell people. "Even the most well-respected brand can't be trusted to produce consistently great products." So what did I do today? I trusted a well-respected brand and it gave me the middle …

Logitech Harmony PS3 Control Blob


This curious object allows one to use a Logitech Harmony-series remote with Sony's Playstation 3, without using up a USB port.

We can’t give you all the details just yet, but we can say that this adapter will, when used

Logitech's new gaming gear


Logitech's G-series looks good, in that special-ops gamer sort of way, and has plenty of clout: the G19 keyboard bristles with programmable buttons and its new G35 headset thumps eardrums with 7.1 surround. The G13 "advanced gameboard" has 25 extra …

Crush rebellions with Logitech game board


Fans of Belkin's Nostromo series of single-handed gaming keyboard pads have a new toy: Logitech's own G13, which has an LCD display, thumbhat, 22 keys, 8 configurable buttons, and was designed by Darth Vader's tailor.

[BusinessWire via Engadget]…

Logitech announces new lapdesk, attractive wards genital scalding


Logitech's new Comfort Lapdesk is opalescent white, laser beam reflective and features a plump, sinewy coccyx for the accommodation of the knees. A third-party lap to balance your laptop on is always a bit of a superfluous purchase, unless you …

The Logitech Mice That Weren't


Logitech is getting a bit nostalgic, but they deserve it: they've just shipped their billionth mouse. As part of their look back over the last 20 years of the company, they have provided this fantastic slideshow showing many of …

Great DIY laptop stand out of wire hanger


This Instructables guide to building your own egonomic laptop stand is just sublime: the only element this guy uses is a standard wire clothes hanger, bent into the appropriate angles and at the appropriate junctions.

I don't really know why …

Fit a Logitech wireless mouse dongle in your Dell Mini

Picture 5.jpg

Strider_mt2k explains, at My Dell Mini's forums, how to hack a Mini Inspiron 9 to contain a Logitech RF dongle, but without permanently soldering it in place. Anyone who has ever used a BlueTooth mouse will understand why one …