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Overwrought €3MM watch cuff from Jaeger-LeCoultre

Hidden until three-million Euro worth of gold, tsavorites, yellow sapphires, and a flaky, buttery crust is a cuff watch, the latest creation of manufacturer Jaeger-LeCoultre. I’d pay a tidy sum to sit across the way from its eventual owner with … Continue reading

Faber Imago+ Media Range Hood has a built-in television, computer

Sometimes I try to keep it classy around here, but then there are days like today when you get the first thing that springs from my mind’s mouth to your eyes’ ears: When it comes to multimedia range hoods Faber’s … Continue reading

MacDaddy’s Million Dollar Fishing Lure

While fishing lures can be beautiful bits of craft, most of the really well made ones sit in frames on walls or attached to fishing hats. You don’t just throw those sort of things out into the water, where chances … Continue reading

Watches Made from Meteorite

Watchismo has assembled a collection of some of the most exclusive watches in the world, those crafted from meteorite metal. As gaudy and flagrantly tacky as they are, I have to admit that if I were going to drop several … Continue reading