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Does the 13" Mac Laptop deserve its Pro designation?


Some say that the new MacBook Pros aren't pro-quality machines. The evidence given seems compelling, but a second look suggests sacred cows of the sort that Apple's never been afraid to slay.…

Rumor: Cheaper Macs coming

According to the Internet, Apple plans to chop prices on its entry-level models. [AppleInsider]…

Blue Mac


Photo: Pedro Cano

White Mac

Snowwhite Mac (1983) (1).JPG

Firefox adds multitouch gestures for Macs


Allthough Mozilla's Eddie Lee had successfully proven the concept in a beta back in October, the latest beta of Firefox 3.2 brings multitouch gestures to the MacBook line... even on previous generation MBPs!

Gadget Lab's Charlie Sorrel was impressed:


Best Buy has killer deal on MacBooks and Pros

There's a super deal on at Best Buy for MacBooks and MacBook Pros: $100 off new machines, and you can pick up immediately at your local. You have to put it in the cart to see the price. [Best …

Stencils make more of dead Macs


Because the world has enough Macquariums.

Gallery [Stencorama]…

Alleged aluminum MacBook casing spotted

mb_new1.jpg, a Chinese-language site, has some shots purporting to show the new MacBook's casing, lovely in aluminium. It deviates not in the slightest from the imagined Air-like chassis that the internet's been expecting for months.


[via 9to5 Mac]…

Overclock your Mac Pro


Some of us own Macs so that we may compute in peace, away from the old world of tweaking unstable monster gaming PCs. Get back off the wagon with this Mac overclocking utility from ZDNet. Soon, there will doubtless be …

MST3K debates Macs versus PCs

Close to 17 years after the skit first appeared, Crow and Tom Servo's ideological bickering over the merits of Macs versus PCs remains the pattern template for the debate today, when it really should have been the last word on …