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Let's wave goodbye to PC Magazine


Paid Content brings somewhat sad tidings: PC Magazine is no more — at least as a print magazine. ( will live on.) I hadn't read the magazine in years, but it was nothing personal. I still have a couple of …

Esquire e-ink cover a pathetic disappointment

Esquire's much-hyped e-ink cover has been spotted in the wild, and as the months and years unfurl ahead of us, merely quoting the lede of Joel's wildly idealistic July feature to him will be enough to solicit hot, briny tears... …

Esquire to geeks: hack our e-paper magazine cover


Update: PT took apart the cover now that it's on the stands and it's not at all what we'd hoped. Pity. [Make]

E-paper cover a "stupid gimmick"? No way, Brian. Esquire's animated 75th anniversary cover

Wired Issue 1 Admired


Rex Sorgatz cracks the spine of Wired issue 1.1, the very first. I don't think I ended up getting Wired until a couple of issues in, shoplifted from my local Quiktrip, so it's especially interesting to see what all the …