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SurfaceTension releases incredibly overpriced MAME coffee table


We've seen at least a couple coffee table MAME cabinets — often times, the guts of an old PC crammed into an umlaut-spittled IKEA fiberboard cheapie — and every time, there's a tug between the allure of a coffee table …

A MAME cocktail cabinet that actually looks nice


With the "Optime Strategies" table, a display-topped computer with proper arcade controls, the "acceptable in the living room" quotient of old-school gaming takes a giant leap forward.

The table is designed as a complete reproduction of the original arcade 'cocktail'

Project C-Macc: arcade cabinet that can play every game, ever


Every once and a while, Joel, Rob and I fever dream about building ourselves MAME cabinets. It's never going to happen, for a variety of reasons: lethargy, lack of space, and the unspoken knowledge that that the 20 years of …

The ultimate Metroid MAME cabinet


Every once and a while, I spot a custom MAME cabinet that sends every extremity tingling as pure retro-gamer lust courses through my body, and the sensation lasts just as long as it takes me to bottle myself up again …

Intel Atom headed for miniature motherboards: perfect for homebrew gaming consoles?

Wonder: tiny motherboards from Via Technologies which fit inside anything from bottles of whisky to hollowed-out books. Dismay: They're not very powerful and tend to be sold to the people who make cash registers. Refresher: Intel's Atom …

Gamerator: Arcade Cabinet + Kegerator Redefines "Homebrew Games"


Sweet Jumping Pac-Messiah, this is a thing of endorphin-dumping beauty: The "Gamerator," a full-size MAME cabinet with a refrigerated interior that holds a pony keg that releases a stream of malty beer from a tap in front. It's available for …