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"Here & There": Manhattan on a ringworld


"Here & There" is a project from Schulze and Webb to try to find a better way to display projection maps of dense cities. It's Grand Theft Auto IV meets Halo.

They'll sell you two prints, one …

Happy 125th, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers!


Honestly, the IEEE's 125th anniversary celebratory event "Engineering the future" leaves me a little bit flaccid, what with all the globes and shiny fireworks and young folks with limpid eyes staring out of their Productivity Well, but's …

Ricoh's wind- and solar-powered Times Square billboard


Ricoh will be installing this $3 million billboard in Times Square (7th and 42nd) that will be powered entirely by wind and solar. If there's not enough sun or wind, explains the Times, the 16 floodlamps that will shine …

Walgreens LED sign will be Times Square's largest


The Times reports on a gigantic new LED advertising billboard to be installed in Times Square by Walgreens — the largest so far.

The sign will have 12 million light-emitting diodes, known as L.E.D.’s – 17,000 square feet of them,

Unit Dunn Visits Robot Village, New York's Robot Store


We sent Intern Brian Dunn over to Robot Village, New York's only store dedicated entirely to robots. He returned mostly unscathed.

Robot Village has been operating out of New York's Upper West Side since 2004. It's a one-of-a-kind store—its opening …