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BBQ Tip: Try An Infrared BBQ & Talking Thermometer

To celebrate 4th of July, I dropped by Wired to play with the Solaire Anywhere Portable Grill and Oregon Scientific's Wireless Talking BBQ Thermometer. Note: Sorry for the pre-roll ad. No more pre-roll. Thanks, YouTube!…

Power company plans first orbital solar power satellite

Pacific Gas and Electric is reportedly seeking permission to test a solar power satellite, which would send energy generated in orbit to a radio receiver station in Fresno County, California.

the solar energy available in space is eight-to-ten times greater

Power On Self Test: New Toy


Robot hearts in two years


Britain's Daily Mail reports that a European research team will have a fully-artificial heart ready for clinical trials by 2011.

Dr. Alain Carpentier said: 'We are moving from pure research to clinical applications. After 15 years of work, we are

Electronics of the Meat King


In the fat-streaked palace of the meat king, everything is made from the pulsing musculature of putrefying flesh. The meat king dreams his sirloin dreams upon a chaise longue carved from pancetta, bathes in drippings in his sirloin tub, contemplates …

Wroezelaar, a toy for pigs


Pigs are smart creatures. And mean. Some speculate that pigs in captivity can develop a poor disposition because they're bored, making Sharon Geschiere's "Wroezelaar," a play toy for swine, an essential accessory for an emotionally healthy abattoir environment.

Having been …

Protect your iPod with exposed, pulsating musculature


Although certainly environmentally friendly, there are reasons not to encase your gadgets in the raw, seeping musculature of a freshly-slain bovine, no matter how many times you've seen Videodrome. Yes, it's delicious for a spell. Yes, it's a conversation …