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BBQ Tip: Try An Infrared BBQ & Talking Thermometer

To celebrate 4th of July, I dropped by Wired to play with the Solaire Anywhere Portable Grill and Oregon Scientific's Wireless Talking BBQ Thermometer. Note: Sorry for the pre-roll ad. No more pre-roll. Thanks, YouTube!…

Power company plans first orbital solar power satellite

Pacific Gas and Electric is reportedly seeking permission to test a solar power satellite, which would send energy generated in orbit to a radio receiver station in Fresno County, California.
the solar energy available in space is eight-to-ten times greater

Power On Self Test: New Toy


Robot hearts in two years

Britain's Daily Mail reports that a European research team will have a fully-artificial heart ready for clinical trials by 2011.
Dr. Alain Carpentier said: 'We are moving from pure research to clinical applications. After 15 years of work, we are

Electronics of the Meat King

In the fat-streaked palace of the meat king, everything is made from the pulsing musculature of putrefying flesh. The meat king dreams his sirloin dreams upon a chaise longue carved from pancetta, bathes in drippings in his sirloin tub, contemplates…

Wroezelaar, a toy for pigs

Pigs are smart creatures. And mean. Some speculate that pigs in captivity can develop a poor disposition because they're bored, making Sharon Geschiere's "Wroezelaar," a play toy for swine, an essential accessory for an emotionally healthy abattoir environment. Having been…

Protect your iPod with exposed, pulsating musculature

Although certainly environmentally friendly, there are reasons not to encase your gadgets in the raw, seeping musculature of a freshly-slain bovine, no matter how many times you've seen Videodrome. Yes, it's delicious for a spell. Yes, it's a conversation…