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Fighting Carpal Tunnel w/Data, Pegboard


Doctors may soon use devices like this to obtain precise measurements of hand muscle strength. Developed by bioengineering students at Rice University, the unit promises to present docs with actual hard data that will lead to swifter diagnoses, especially carpal …

Two words: rectal retractor. The horrors of the BCMA Medical Museum


Perusing BCMA's online medical museum, you can tell simply by the categories which will contain the rusted hooks, scrapers and separators that are wielded in your hospital nightmares. The anaesthesiology section is okay; you won't see anything particularly horrifying in …

Cure mental woes with portable electrotherapy gizmo


Bio Medical's Alpha-Stim 100 fulfills all your electrotherapeutic cranial stimulation needs. It treats pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression. It has a proprietary waveform that normalizes your nervous system's electrical activity. It costs $900.

Here's an excerpt from the product page:…

SurgiCount Safety-Sponge Keeps Used Medical Supplies Out of Your Body


Since about a thousand sponges are left inside patients who undergo surgery each year, SurgiCount is trying to sell this "Safety-Sponge System" which uses a 2D barcode system on each sponge and a handheld scanner to keep track of every …

Ombredanne Inhaler: Nothing Says 'I Love You' Like Ether


My friend Kat came back from Buenos Aires with this vintage "Ombredanne Inhaler," used around the turn of the century to administer ether or chloroform as surgical anesthesia. From

Professor Louis Ombredanne (1871-1956), the inventor of the apparatus,