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Celebrity Hard Drives


For only $20, you can have a racy graphic of Kim Kardashian added to your hard drive.

Or a skin of Domo. Or Wu-Tang Clan. Or even Bob Marley.

One love, Seagate.

[via Gearlog via New Launches

Toshiba Unleashing Biggest Memory Card EVER

toshiba card.jpg


Some hyperbolic highlights from the press release:

world's first 64GB1 SDXC Memory Card... capable of operating at the world's fastest data transfer rate3 for reading and writing to a flash memory card... world's first memory cards compliant with

Retro Floppy Flash Drive

floppy drive.jpg

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8GB alien robot USB sticks from Planet Blõôh


Like any orifice, there's countless shapes, colors and varieties of objects you can cram into your USB port, according to your preference. As a cephalophile, I tend to like squid shaped USB drives, myself. But these adorable 8GB Mimobot flash …