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Money Origami: Star Wars, Star Trek


Gorgeous work, AndrewWan Park! (...nice photos, Andrew!)

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Cool transparent Goldbergian coin bank


The irony, of course, is that the magnificently convoluted journey ends with the coin going into a drawer you can just open.

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Contractual obligations make new $200 iPhone more expensive than old one

The Consumerist runs the numbers of the new iPhone's Total Cost of Ownership. It does not come out good.

The iPhone itself may be cheaper, but the required flat-rate data plan now costs $30 per month, a $10 increase. Over

QUIDs: Loose Change for Zero-G Pockets


It's all a goofy-ass gimmick to promote a foreign exchange company, but a group of "scientists" has developed QUIDs—Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denominations—rounded polymer chits to be used for transactions "in space."

"None of the existing payment systems we use on