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Kuroutoshikokou's Nvidia Ion motherboard includes an Atom CPU, 16x PCI-E slot, HDMI out and 6 USB ports. [Akihabara News]…

ASUS to embed "instant on" Linux distro into every motherboard


ASUS has announced that the Express Gate distro — a version of Linux by DeviceVM shrinky-dinkified into a small BIOS chip to give your PC a fast-boot alternative for non-intesive tasks — will now be installed on all of their …

Some—But Not All—of the Horrible Motherboard Box Art We Found


"Oh hella shit, boys, my new motherboard is off limits."

"Do you mean that it does not conform to industry standards making it unsuitable for interoperability with other PC hardware?"

"No, I mean that it has snake truck."


This …