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Hello Kitty Honda Motorcycle


After that last post, I don't want to think that I'm unwilling to wallow in needless consumption, middle phallus upturned to a sternly disapproving Mother Nature. When this world is nothing but dust I will ride across the glowing landscape …

Skull Helmet


While I think anybody who rides a motorcycle without a full-faced helmet has a wish to have their jaw sheared off and wrapped around their trachea like a bone choker, I have a feeling the chopper-and-hog set have few such …

Suzuki Biplane Concept: Motorcycle, Not Aeroplane


Jalopnik is at the Tokyo Auto Show and snapped a few pictures of this fantastic Suzuki "Biplane" motorcycle concept. I'm not entirely sure why it's called "Biplane." Perhaps it will all-too-easily send its rider airborne?

Tokyo Motor Show: Sleek Suzuki