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SplitFish FragFX V2 is the controller bundled with a PlayStation 3 if it were 1988


Unlike Microsoft's silly but sort of understandable proscription against mice on home consoles, Sony doesn't mind letting gamers use a mouse on their lap. Swiss peripherals maker SplitFish has released a new model of their FragFX mouse, the V2, with …

Mouse netbook introduces DVD burner into depressingly standard equation


[netbooktextexpanderscript]1.6GHz Atom processor, 160GB hard disk, 1GB RAM, 10.2-inch (1,024x600) display, and Windows XP Home Edition.[/netbooktextexpanderscript]

And thus my post would usually write itself. But hold on a minute, lazy blogger! Mouse's latest netbook, the LB-5100W, comes with a built-in …

Apple Mighty Mouse + Multi-Touch concept probably has it about right


MacBlogz postulates something like this might be the next evolutionary step for the Mighty Mouse in the multi-touch age. The Mighty Mouse is a cursor-swooping rodent I've never liked even half as much as its opera-singing, baritone namesake, but you …

The world's smallest optical mouse


The Z-Nano is the word's smallest optical mouse, about just as large as your fingertip. When not in use, it can be stored in your ear canal or nostril. $60.

World's Smallest Optical Mouse [Techeblog]…

The Paradox Mouse is one part steampunk, one part taxidermy


The Paradox Mouse takes the usual raw materials of steampunk aesthetic — wood, brass, copper, gears and typewriter keys — and supplements them with the morbidly ironic: a mouse's skull, shoulder blades and spine. Yeeg.

Paradox Mouse [Tentacle Paradox via …

Optical mouse with built-in digital scale is coke fiend blogger's delight


There's little to be done, feature-wise, to make a mouse stand out from the competition short of making it just really excellent: hence, the crap gadgeteer's constant feature mash-ups. This particular $50 optical mouse doubles as a digital scale, capable …

Razor-thin Bluetooth mouse slips into PC Card slot


In a mellifluous babble of random alphanumerics, the MA-BTCARD markets itself as a truly portable laptop mouse: Bluetooth kajiggerered, it slides, envelope thin, into your laptop's Type II PC card slot. It looks decidedly unergonomic, of course, and has a …

Jose E. Rivera's computer mouse scarab


Jose E. Rivera's wonderful creation is like some cogwork-punk scarab imbued into the carapace of a standard USB mouse, its wings unfurled to reveal the circuit board of its own skittering sentience. Gorgeous.

Jose E. Rivera's Facebook [Facebook via MAKE

SteelSeries to release 15 button World of Warcraft mouse


The new World of Warcraft SteelSeries mouse contains 15 separate, macro-programmable buttons, both for the poop socker and the gold farmer alike. It will be ergonomically unusable, but I do quite like its carapace-like design.

SteelSeries drops WoW oriented 15

Waterproof mouse receiver with GPS


GlobalSat's BR-355 is a waterproof GPS mouse receiver, accurate to 5 meters and unusually small. It boots in under 45 seconds, according to the spec sheet, and has USB or RS232 connections, a built-in antenna, and blinkenlights to indicate how …