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SanDisk Puts Its $$$ Where Its Slot Is [Yet Again]


SanDisk's $100 Sansa slotRadio player we reviewed previously is another attempt to convince us to adopt the music/media "format of the future" — which is, of course, the company's microSD card.

Last year, you may recall SanDisk launched a huge …

MP3: Office - "Enter Me, Exit You"

(Currently the band's download page is offline, but the whole album is available for free download on No agenda, just really digging this band.) Nevermind! Here is the official download page.

The Story Drawer

Picture 2.jpg

The Story Drawer is an MP3 player with a difference: when you put an item inside it, it detects its presence with RFID and tells a story. Inventor Matthew Simpson:

Story Drawer has been designed as a counter to

Cassette To Digital, the aptly-named USB tape deck


This gorgeous wooden machine, from Japan's Novac, converts cassette tapes to MP3, WAV or WMA and pipes them up to your computer via USB. It's Windows-only, according to the specs, and will be $80 when it comes out later this …

Tiny wooden camera MP3 player is adorable, albeit useless

Picture 83.jpg

This miniature PMP in the shape of a tiny wooden camera is simply too adorable. At 256MBs of internal storage, hard max, it's essentially useless (even with OGG, WMA and MP3 support) but for $43, I could see this being …

MyRacer MP3 player has adorable OLED pixel-art UI


Oh, you know no one's going to buy one of MyRacer's cute little Lisse S10 MP3 players over an iPod Shuffle... but christ, isn't that pixel-art OLED display just gorgeous? Too bad it's unlikely to ever come out over here.…

Mickey Mouse iRiver gets abstract facial expressions


These iRiver Mickey Mouse shaped MP3 players are nothing new, and everyone's already aware of the darling mechanism of changing tracks or adjusting the volume by screwing the Mouse's ears... as in "clockwise" or "counterclockwise," and not by the other …

An MP3 player in the shape of a nut

Picture 1.jpg

Attention: Nextar has developed an mp3 player contrived to resemble a peanut. It comes in five colors, costs $20 for a 1GB model or $30 for 2GB, and is to be found at Staples and Kmart.

I can think of …

Piaggio's MP3 hybrid scooter gets 141 MPG


There's a couple of reasons I like the look of Piaggio's new plug-in MP3 Hybrid Scooter.

The first is the technology. According to Piaggio, the MP3 will be capable of up to 141 miles per gallon, with zero-to-sixty times of …

Rumor: Dell shelving Zing MP3 player prototypes indefinitely


The earlier rumors of Dell launching a new MP3 player called Zing were surprisingly intriguing: a new DAP with the ability to download MP3s over WiFi and share them with other PCs and phones. More Zunish than iPod-like. I was …