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MSI X600 comes to America

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MSI's X600 ultraportable notebook, at 5.5 pounds, weighs in heavy given its name. That said, at less than an inch thick at its thickest point, and just $900, it's thin and not unreasonably expensive. The bonuses are neat, too: a …

MSI X340 X-Thin laptop reviewed (Verdict: Merely okay)


The MSI X340 is a netbook in the body of a MacBook Air. Joanna Stern, a woman who has single-handedly made Laptop magazine the center of the netbook universe, passes judgement on a not-quite-production model:

For $899, the MSI X340

MSI NetTop D130 is just so Wall Street


There's something awesome in the literal sense of this MSI NetTop. As in, it fills with awe. How did this design leap hurtling out of the 80's? Why does MSI think it looks Nordic?

Such questions are better off unanswered. …

Breaking: Apple C&D's Wired Gadget Lab over OS X-on-netbook tutorial


Wired's Gadget Lab blog is being sued by Apple for posting a tutorial on how to hack OS X Leopard to allow it to be installed on a MSI Wind netbook.

According to the author of that guide, Brian …

OS X WiFi drivers now available for MSI Wind


MSI's Wind was a near-perfect "hackintosh" netbook, able to run Apple's OSX system software but for one problem: no WiFi drivers for the factory-installed wireless card. Realtek's remedied the problem by emailing a customer with OSX drivers, according to

Blue vs. Red: new 13.3-inchers from MSI


Wind netbooks made MSI a gadget bloghold name, but the firm also makes more powerful machines. Its EX300, available immediately at Amazon, and the like, is a $1,000 13.3-incher offered in blue and red.

It has an Intel Core …

MSI Wind Netron: This is what a "nettop" looks like


Tiny notebooks became "netbooks". Fine. Now tiny all-in-one desktop machines of the iMac/Dell XPS One pedigree, have become "nettops". MSI, maker of the popular "Wind" netbook, has announced the "Wind Neton" line of nettops, essentially flat panel monitors with little …

MSI Wind adds overclocking in BIOS update


With its easy solid specs, affordable price and easy hacking and Hackintoshing, the MSI Wind continues to be a darling of netbook enthusiasts, its limerence unfaded by the usual netbook fugue that usually follows a lilliputer's release within mere weeks.…

MSI Wind U120 netbook in pictures


This here is the MSI Wind U120, a modest upgrade to the popular netbook that I will from here on out refer to as "Business Wind", because I find it amusing to think of a breeze that is tired of …

Dell E will cost $299 in August, prompts mini-notebook navel gazing


A mere three months ago, I was actually excited about mini-notebooks. I thought they were wonderful: a complete rejection by the laptop industry that a small, light weight yet still capable laptop should be priced, ounce-for-ounce, alongside Gallium. Now? I …