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TMBG: "Electric Car, The New Machine"

They Might Be Giants' new kid's album "Here Comes Science" features this catchy, pro-EV ditty.

I'm not a parent, but I'll admit I'm digging this...…

Why giving court powers to the music industry won't work

Nicholas Deleon serves up some sanity in the whole "extrajudicial ISP executions" concept so beloved of the music industry: what exactly will it do if it gets its way? It will have to either enforce very selectively indeed, or go

SanDisk Puts Its $$$ Where Its Slot Is [Yet Again]


SanDisk's $100 Sansa slotRadio player we reviewed previously is another attempt to convince us to adopt the music/media "format of the future" — which is, of course, the company's microSD card.

Last year, you may recall SanDisk launched a huge …

Review: Two Weeks W/Spotify [Verdict: It Just Works]


Music should live in the cloud. That's obvious. Even a vinyl-loving audiophile with super-powered, magical eardrums would likely agree that most semi-casual listeners — which is most of us — shouldn't have to manage jewel cases or migrate tracks from …

Video: Homage to iChat, Marfa Lights Shot W/RED One

The band YACHT just released a new video for their song "Psychic City (Voodoo City)." Apart from the fun religious/occult imagery, the video features a soundbite that might sound familiar: a blip not unlike the iChat alert (first one at …

Apple Tablet Due in September?


Headlines are a tricky thing. Today The Financial Times reported some big news, but don't let the big type above their story fool you. They're reporting much cooler news than this semi-snoozer:

"Apple joins forces with record labels."

Don't get …

Make-Up: The Soundtrack


The mid-90s band Make-Up didn't actually wear makeup, at least not overt KISS-style facepaint. They did, however, wear matching suits from time to time. Either way, I'm a fan. Think punk meets soul.

My favorite song: "Born on the Floor"

iPhone 3GS: Adequate Filmmaking Tool?

Videos shot using the new iPhone 3GS are piling up on YouTube, which has reportedly experienced a massive surge in mobile uploads since the phone hit the market last month. Exciting, but not nearly as exciting as the idea of …

MP3: Office - "Enter Me, Exit You"

(Currently the band's download page is offline, but the whole album is available for free download on No agenda, just really digging this band.) Nevermind! Here is the official download page.

Jammie Thomas fined $1,920,000 for sharing 24 songs

The RIAA seems not to realize that the more it gets per song, the worse it looks. What could this do except further the impression that it is simply a public enemy?…