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The Nano Forest


This strange forest of carbon nanotubes evokes a tile-based Japanese RPG game based on the art of Jim Woodring, played on a television set from the 1950s. It is the work of John Hart, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering …

Review: a week with Korg's Nano Digital Music Controllers


Korg's Nano series of music gear, sold by ThinkGeek, will never be confused with pro equipment. That doesn't matter one bit, however, because they're great fun and you can make hands-on digital music anywhere you like.

Granted, the keyboard's …

iPod Nano 4G confirmed with snazzy new interface and accelerometer functions


As predicted, Apple revealed the iPod Nano 4G today, and there's not many surprises in the design here after the consistent leaks of the past weeks: rounded, curved and elongated... the old squat form of the old Nano flung into …

Unreliable British tabloid claims Apple will release iPhone Nano this year


The Daily Mail claimed today that Apple is about to launch a nano-sized version of its popular iPhone, which will be available before Christmas.

The product will be launched in the UK at up to £150 for pay-as-you-go customers by

Next iPod Nano to have Zune-like dimensions?


iLounge reports the new iPod Nano 4G will totally throw out the squat dwarfism of the current Nano design to fit in 1.5:1 widescreen screen like on an iPhone or Touch. That's a bummer: I actually love the current Nano, …

Via Nano kicks Intel Atom's ass in tests


Planning to use Atom for a desktop computer? Get real.

HardOCP pitted new low-power chips from Intel and Via in battle, and the latter's Nano outperformed Atom by up to 28 percent under synthetic benchmarks, 37 percent on DivX encoding, …

Korg 'nano' laptop MIDI controls 'incredibly small, light, and flimsy'


Tom Whitwell dabbled with the new Korg Nano USB MIDI controllers at a recent music trade show.

They are incredibly small, light and flimsy. Fortunately, they're also absurdly cheap. Even at just £49, the NanoKey is certainly the lamest -

Video: Slide Viewer Hacked Into iPod Dock

A judicious application of Dremel and gumption turned one man's slide viewer into a perfectly charming little iPod nano dock, blowing up its tiny screen into something...slightly less tiny. Too bad he has to reencode all his movies to display …

Simple Kit Turns iPod Nano Packaging into Speakers


I love this kit from Bird Electron which makes it dead simple to turn the hard plastic case of the iPod nano into a simple portable speaker. It's about $20 and appears to just slip right in—you'd just need to …

Nike Amp+ iPod Remote Watch


I really like the look of the new "Amp+ Sport Remote Control" watch from Nike, which integrates with the Nike+ iPod Nano wireless receiver and training module. The LED grid is showing playback control feedback in the picture, but also …