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Building a remote control Nerf tank to terrorize your girlfriend

Travis Schmidt built an R/C Nerf tank that has a camera on board for remote viewing—and even onboard speakers for "psychological warfare". He's got an Instructable up to show you how he did it—and a video showing how much his…

These NERF cannons can not be

Weston Boege created these concept NERF N-Force guns for an upcoming NERF-branded game for the Nintendo Wii. They'll never be real, but we can still dream about a NERF bazooka that shoots a single, giant round into the faces of…

NERF N-Force Thunder Fury sword reviewed (Verdict: "*THWAP*")

NERF has released a new foam sword with a plastic core that Ben Kuchera finds made "a wonderful *THWAP* sound." The N-Force Thunder Fury is $13.

.44 caliber revolver is the world's most powerful NERF gun

"The Most Powerful Nerf Gun" is not a designation that garners much fear amongst the six-shooter set, but loading a dart into a .44 caliber revolver and then firing it into a willing demonstrator's junk at 1,500 feet per second…

NERF chaingun modified for 4x rate of fire

Here's viral marketing I can get behind: The people at took time from styling their hair to modify a NERF chaingun to shoot 500 rounds per minute. They write:
We gave 4 times the standard voltage to one of

A NERF gun's evolution

Over at his personal blog, toy designer Barry Kudrowitz, a PhD candidate of the MIT Toy Lab, breaks down his design process for the Nerf Atom Blaster from the original concept — a palm-sized foam ball projectile called the Hand…

Custom "Model 666" handgun suitable for slaying Nerf werewolves, vampires

What once was a mortal Nerf six shooter is now the "Model 666 Undead Slayer," a custom pistol designed for sending the undead hurtling toward their final, eternal unrest. Like all weapons sanctified by God and Church, the Model 666…

Video: Amazing NERF office war

This video, which from the wealth of weapons used in its creation I can only presume is a sanctioned viral commissioned by Nerf, manages to break every rule of good internet video: it's over five-minutes long; it is a commercial;…

Professor Shagnasty's steampunk nerf assault rifle

Yesterday, the description of a monitor slathered with brass and oxidization as 'steampunk' caused me to get so hysterical that I evacuated myself all over BBG's front page. Please ignore this conniption fit, because as much as I…

N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25: Fully Automatic NERF Cannon

This new Nerf "N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25" is a fully automatic belt-fed dart gun, powered by six D batteries. (I can't think of the last time I used D batteries.) It's only forty bucks, too. This will be mine when it…