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Emtec announces strange new netbook with removable OS drive


Emtec is largely just a supplier of laptop peripherals, but they are jumping into the Netbook game with the Gdium.

Interestingly, it doesn't contain a built-in hard drive, which probably explains its slim, attractive looks: instead, it runs from a …

HP ships Mini 1000 six-cell battery


A common way for computer manufacturers to keep the price down on netbooks is by only providing a three cell battery over a six cell, then releasing the six cell as an aftermarket accessory. Since netbooks are, to me, entirely …

Mouse netbook introduces DVD burner into depressingly standard equation


[netbooktextexpanderscript]1.6GHz Atom processor, 160GB hard disk, 1GB RAM, 10.2-inch (1,024x600) display, and Windows XP Home Edition.[/netbooktextexpanderscript]

And thus my post would usually write itself. But hold on a minute, lazy blogger! Mouse's latest netbook, the LB-5100W, comes with a built-in …

Netbooks swallowing notebook market whole


Revenue from computer sales is down by 20 percent despite a 1 percent increase in shipments. This is because netbooks are cannibalizing sales of desktops and notebooks alike.

It is odd, to me, that people can use these things as …

Liliv S7 MID promises 7 hour HD battery life

Picture 59.jpg

Overlooked in the chaos of enthusiasm that followed the announcement of the Vaio P is Viliv's S7 MID, which — providing the feature bullet points isn't just a collection of bold lies — looks pretty swank.

According to Viliv, the …

CES: Dell announces Mini Inspiron 10, Adamo luxury laptop brand


Clamping my ears to prevent my melted brain from oozing out of my cochleas, I stumbled up to the Dell Suite in the Palms Pleasure Tower this morning to allow Dell's constabulary of attractive public relations girls the honor of …

Vogue advertises $830 netbook sleeves


Spotted in this month's Vogue, this utter insanity: ensconcing your $349 Dell Inspiron Mini 9 in an $830 Goyard netbook sleeve. Aren't sleeves supposed to cost less than the computers they protect?

[image via Geeksugar]…

See the fancy Pocket PCs that Intel wants you to buy instead of Netbooks

Behold the ultra-mobile PCs of CES 2009. Intel Ultra Mobility chap Uday Keshavdas reminds us that this–running Vista on $1,000 Pocket PCs you can't type properly on–is what Atom was supposed to be for!

Some of these devices are …

First 3G Netbook on 2 year cellular contract: $100 for the machine, $1,440 for the plan


Acer's Aspire One, a $300 netbook, will be available with an integrated 3G modem for $100, if you agree to a 2-year cellular plan.

Let's assume that this Radioshack ad isn't fake. The deal is a bad one. Something that …

Hello Kitty charges $891 for a netbook


Manufactured by the same mysterious and omnipresent Taiwanese company that makes and markets all spec-identical netbooks, the HK C1 does not deviate a jot from the standard paradigms: an Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, a 120GB hard drive and Windows …