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Asian camera doesn't understand Asian eyes


Joz got her mother a new camera. It seems to have just enough intelligence to say the wrong thing.

I feel sorry for manufacturers. First they had to teach their gadgets how to think—now they have to teach them …

F Mount turns 50, gets a shabby cupcake and a fizzy candle from Nikon


Mat Halprin writes:

This is pretty big. In 1959, the Nikon F camera and its associated lens mount dethroned Leicas and other rangefinders as the camera to have for photojournalists and other pros, as well as bringing SLRs into the

Ritz camera files for bankruptcy

It owes Nikon $26.6m. Also owed to Nikon: $15m from Circuit City. [Nikon Rumors]…

Nikon Fabre Photo EX: Take microscopic DSLR photos


Nikon's "Fabre Photo EX" is a relatively low-power stereoscopic microscope that makes up for any other shortcomings with its ability to mount a Nikon DSLR camera on its back for high-resolution imaging of microscopic bacterial fashion models.



Nikon unveils a couple of superzoom digicams


Nikon announced a slew of new cameras today, but their superzooms are perhaps the freakiest and most inexplicable.

The Nikon P90 has an incredible 24x optical zoom. At that rate, you can, of course, detect the microscopic vibration of atoms, …

24.5 MP Nikon D3X DSLR is $8,000 and thus not for babies


After months of whispered rumors, Nikon have finally officially announced the D3X full-frame DSLR, which can capture the universes within your pores with its whopping 24.5 megapixels. It's capable of images up to 6048 x 4032, running the gamut from …

Nikon Media Port UP, a bizarre heads-up media display


At first glance I presume that Nikon's new "Media Port UP" was some sort of specialized, head-mounted imager — yet another take on the Gargoyle media-streamer idea I've been dorkily looking forward to for ages. But nope: it's a media …

Nikon finally unveils D700 DSLR


After months of meticulously crappy fakejob Photoshops — grainy '7's superimposed over the D300 imprint up the wazoo — the Nikon D700 has finally been officially announced, and it's what everyone expected: a new semi-highend DSLR falling somewhere in between …

Nikon D90 rumor image: can you tell by the pixels?


That D90 badge looks ropey to me: whites too bright, edges too sharp, angle o' dangle not quite right...

Check this marketing image for the D300, offered by a commenter at Nikon Rumors.

Update: Putting the images atop one …