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OQO: Model 2+ production "unlikely"

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Rumors that OQO canceled pre-orders for its Model 2+ ultramobile PC are untrue, according to the company. Instead, online vendor Build Your UMPC did so after OQO could not commit to a shipping date.

"While we haven't canceled …

Selling my OQO Model 02

I love my OQO Model 02, but since I got a Vaio P, I just don't use it anymore. So it's headed for eBay, where I've listed it. It's time for someone else to make the most of it, instead

Do ultra-mobile computers need cameras? YES!

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Jenn of Mid Moves, embarking on a blogging tour using devices like the new OQO model 2+, takes a side in the long-running religious war over whether these things should have world-facing cameras.

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OQO Model 02+ benchmarked


OQO's updated pocket computer, freshly outfitted with an OLED screen, 1.8GHz Atom processor and 2GB of RAM (and more besides), gets its first run around the block at Midmoves.

The OLED colors are "insanely saturated," writes Jenn Lee, also …

Hands-on with OQO 2+, UMID, Panasonic Toughbook U1 and the Compal JAX 10

As soon as you walk into CES' central hall, Intel's treasure trove of wee handheld computers presents itself. After half an hour playing with them, I've changed my mind about something. Mobile Internet Devices aren't just another echo of the …

Hacked OQO is the world's smallest Mac


Over at the OQO Talk forums, neonatal member TRF's initial claims to have successfully hacked his OQO to run OS X Leopard was met only with scorns and cries of hoax. But a couple of days later, TRF seems to …