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Jolicloud: beautiful new OS designed specifically for netbooks


Jolicloud looks gorgeous: a clean, crisp, stripped-down and iPhone-like OS specifically designed for netbooks by Tariq Krim.

This really is the sort of OS I want to see on netbooks: beautifully designed, crisp, clean and with a bare minimum of …

Ubuntu Netbook Remix looks great


We somehow missed this in our gargantuan sub-notebook round-up, but Canonical officially announced their mini-notebook flavored version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, at yesterday's Computex Expo. Engadget has a gallery of screenshots, which is still wonderfully Ubuntu-esque while adding …

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron is out

Picture 27.jpg

What you smell is the acrid aroma of a small nerve cluster in Cory's limbic system spontaneously shorting out through sheer orgiastic ebullience: the latest version of Ubuntu, code name Hardy Heron, is now available for download. Improvements nclude:


SplashTop Instant-On Web Browsing and Skype


Image: Example desktop running the SplashTop environment

I just got off the horn with David Speiser and Sol Lipman of DeviceVM, a San Jose-based company who is promoting their new "SplashTop" platform, an instant-on embedded environment that will first be …