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Clever box from LeapFrog grabs parents' attention, not kids'


LeapFrog sent me their new Text & Learn kids PDA. God knows why—I pushed the buttons a few times, then started to cry when the pixel puppy began to judge me. I will push the buttons when I want to, …

Insulation and packing material made from rice hulls and fungus


Scientific American profiles the creators of "Greensulate", an organic insulation made from rice hulls, recycled paper, and fungus:

They incorporated three basic ingredients in a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide: mycelium mushroom roots; perlite, a glassy

How Dell is reducing packaging waste

BusinessWeek has a short piece on steps taken by Dell's Senior Manager of Global Packaging, Oliver Campbell, to reduce the computer company's shipping waste:

Another innovation story Campbell shared: he was part of team working with an enterprise customer which

Amazon forcing manufacturers into less frustrating, more efficient packaging

Amazon is launching a new campaign to make packaging less of a pain in the ass, specifically targeting hard plastic clamshells and tie wires. Items that are to be shipped by Amazon will get new packaging that's easier to open …

Cabel Sasser's fireworks packaging explosion! (image! gallery!)


Cabel Sasser's gallery of fireworks packaging is not to be missed, especially if you love viewing our society through the eyes of a Photoshop-equipped Chinese factory designer.

Yay! Fireworks! [ via ★]

PreviouslyCabel Sasser Finds OS X's

Does Sennheiser use this cardboard packaging? (If they don't, they should)


We can't figure out if this packaging for the Sennhesier CX 300 headphones — made entirely of cardboard — is real or just a design prototype. Clearly previous CX 300 were packaged in the typical hard plastic shell, but …

Selling wine in TetraPak containers


A wine importer is selling a Malbec grape wine called "Yellow + Blue" in TetraPak, a container familiar to many in the UK for its use in drink boxes. Dr. Vino took a look:

The facility in Toronto is also

Microsoft shipping review gear in re-usable shipping boxes. Bravo!


In fully a year of reviewing gadgets and other manly bits and bobs, Microsoft (via PR firm Edelman) is the first to send me something in a re-usable shipping box. And, clearly, it has been re-used, over and over and …

Dell Ships Padded CD Envelope in Giant Box


I've often gotten boxes from Amazon and other online vendors that were packed as wastefully as these CDs from Dell, as shown on the Technologist for Hire blog. I understand that DVDs can be fragile, but they're not that fragile, …

Plastic Surgeon: Blister Pack Knife


Here's another knife designed to make dealing with blister pack plastic packaging easier: the "Plastic Surgeon." It's nine bucks, plus shipping, although you can get similar products like the Open X for around the same price. (And I've seen the …