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Live fire in the coming Palm Pre flamewar


The Boy Genius Report put their juvenile mitts on a Palm Pre. And while they've yet to put up a "full review"—they must need to make a trip to the exclamation mark shop—they blithely share just enough criticism to …

A short chat with a programmer who is dabbling with the Palm webOS SDK

Palmer Eldritch: btw, if the palm emulator is anything to go buy, this thing's going to fucking rock
Palmer Eldritch: that is, if the software works as well on the device as it does in emulation

Joel Johnson

Palm Pre to launch June 6


Does it have a prayer? Yes. [Cult of Mac]…

Unofficial Palm Preview (I'm working the puns out of my system now)


A person claiming to be a customer support person at Sprint has posted a lot of little trivia about the Palm Pre that at least sounds credible, although there's nothing in particular that will blow your mind. Still, taken as …

Yes, Virginia, the Palm Pre will have tethering at launch


Another spike down the throat of Apple's iPhone volleyball squadron by Team Palm Pre: at launch, their prospective iPhone-killer will feature data tethering over both Bluetooth and USB, without jailbreaking. If it's so easy for Spring and Palm of all …

Palm CEO: PalmOS is dead, Pre App Store, International Carriers


Some great announcements burbled out of Palm CEO's talks with investors about the upcoming Pre:

• PalmOS is dead, which will certainly drive the lingering but eerily fervent PalmOS community to teeth-gnashing, but which is only practical in the era …

Unofficial dev camp for Palm Pre


Giovanni Gallucci writes:

We're launching a grassroots, world-wide event called preDevCamp, a week after the launch of the Palm pre. We plan to bring mobile and web developers together for a day of webOS application building, networking and fun.

RIM CEO: Buggy OSes "new reality" of smartphones.


A lot went wrong for Blackberry when they rushed their touchscreen Storm handset to market. Despite selling 500,000 units in its first month of release, it shipped with an operating system that held together less like a mature operating system …

Palm adjusts self, double deuces Apple for veiled lawsuit threats


There was a little confusion yesterday about Tim Cook's remarks about pursuing lawsuits against competitors who rip off Apple's IP.

Based on the question being responded to, it seemed pretty obvious Apple was specifically warning Palm about their upcoming multi-touch …

Apple to Palm: You're So Sued. Maybe.


Asked during yesterday's sales call about Apple's plans to deal with the competitors to the iPhone like Android and the Palm Pre, Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook's voice took on a dangerous edge, like a rusty razor drawn suddenly across …