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D-Lux 4 is a "gateway drug"

CrunchGear's John Biggs reviews the D-Lux 4, a $700 point-and-shoot camera from Leica. That company's "stranglehold on the the hearts and minds of photographers everywhere" notwithstanding, it's nice.
The D-LUX 4 is a gateway drug and anyone who has used

Panasonic FX37 reviewed. Verdict: perfect for snaps

CrunchGear's Peter Ha reviews Panasonic's Lumix DMC-FX37, with an eye to finding a good high-quality concealed carry model. Smaller and cheaper than its supreme point 'n' shoot, the LX, this is from the range that gets rebadged as Leica's…

Go to the Panasonic Online Design Museum right now

There are many amazing items up at Panasonic's Online Design Museum. Gizmodo likes this curiously modern-looking bracelet:
It's definitely the stand-out, but I like this record player even more:
Design Museum [Panasonic via Gizmodo]…

Old Russian analog viewfinder gives Lumix LX3 Red zazz

Aaphovasse tells us:
Not wanting to spend 300 dollars for the Lumix LX3 viewfinder, I found this one on one of old Russian cameras I got in Moscow many years ago. The wide angle setting works perfectly for the 16:9

Waterproof Lumix point-and-shoot records 720p

Panasonic's new Lumix DMC-FT1 camera is a waterproof, rugged machine with a 12 megapixel 1/2.33-inch sensor, 28-128mm Leica lens with 4.6x optical zoom, and the ability to record 720p high-def video, albeit in a highly-compressed version of the AVCHD format.…

Panasonic makes first portable Blu-Ray player

Panasonic has announced the production of the world's first portable Blu-Ray player, featuring an 8.9 inch LCD screen, as well as Internet connectivity for BD Live and other Internet services like Amazon Video-on-Demand, YouTube, Bloomberg, etc. T The New York

Panasonic G1 Micro Four Thirds camera reviewed (Verdict: Amazing, but wait to buy)

Pogue really likes the Panasonic G1, the first camera to use the Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens system. And then he cautions not to buy it: "A monumental advantage of an S.L.R. is interchangeable lenses, and there are only two…

New Lumix DMC-G1s are smallest cameras with interchangeable lenses

Panasonic's recently announced line of Lumix DMC-G1 cameras promises to be the smallest camera yet with support for interchangeable lenses. It's an intriguing little camera, somewhere between a DSLR (which it ain't) and a point-and-shoot. The camera itself packs 12.1…

Panaonic's overpriced free angle HDMI cables are marginally useful, but you can do the same thing cheaper

For a wildly disproportionate price, Panasonic is selling $60 Free Angle HDMI Cables. I need something like this, since my plasma is mounted too flush to the wall to allow easy access to the back HDMI slots, and since even…

Panasonic Gaggle of Random Alphanumeric Characters (PZR900) builds DVR into plasma HDTV

My tongue reverses itself, slithers chokingly down my throat at the price of this baby — $4,900 for a 50 incher! I can't afford that! — but the new Panasonic Plasma, the PZR900, is pretty sweet. Nice display, natch: 1920…