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Panasonic: plasma televisions can last up to 42 years


Conventional wisdom is plasma TVs have short, butterfly-like life spans, the very phylum of planned obsolescence. Not so, says Panasonic: if you only watch 6.5 hours of television a day, their plasmas should last 42 years. No promises, natch.

That …

Why Are Projector Bulbs So Expensive?


I've been trying to get a clear answer to that one for the last couple of years, but every time I ask Panasonic or Infocus about the high cost of replacement bulbs I get some mumbo-jumbo about the high tolerances …

The Case of the Creeping DVD Recorder

eh75V.jpg has an interesting post about a niche product—DVD copiers with built-in hard drives—that seem to have bucked the trend of gadget pricing by becoming more expensive as they've aged, not less so. The Panasonic DMR-EH75V had an MSRP of …