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Hardcore Computer Reactor PC puts videocards in mineral oil dunk tank


Previously the domain of adventurous overclockers, Hardcore Computer is now selling the "Reactor", a PC case filled with mineral oil in which videocards are submerged. Because oil absorbs heat better than air, the videocards can be overclocked far beyond what …

Cherry Pal PC has just enough oomph for web browsing


The "Cherry Pal" would once have been called a "thin client," a computer just powerful enough to connect you to a larger mainframe server on which your real computing work would be done. Nowadays that server is a little something …

MST3K debates Macs versus PCs

Close to 17 years after the skit first appeared, Crow and Tom Servo's ideological bickering over the merits of Macs versus PCs remains the pattern template for the debate today, when it really should have been the last word on …

Suissa's Enlighten PC looks like anything but


Someone once described G.K. Chesterton as a man who could rediscover the magic of a lamp post every time he encountered one. He would experience it with a fresh mind, delighted by the post's rigid contours or the magical glowing …

Taking a Full-Sized Computer into Starbucks

The latest stunt from Improv Everywhere saw three pranksters bring in full-sized desktop PCs to Starbucks, where they proceeded to buy a coffee and set browse the web. The Starbucks employees were good sports.

Mission: Mobile Desktop []…

$200 Everex Wal-Mart PC Reviewed (Verdict: Worth $200!)


Rob Beschizza has given the Everex gPC a once over, finding the $200 Linux PC to be perfectly useable for most day-to-day tasks.

Screen fonts don't look too great, either, with blurry smoothing and poor typeface selections. Changing themes helped: