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Peek lifetime subscriptions return


Peek's selling lifetime subscriptions again. $300 gets you the email-only handset and the WWAN hookup it needs, for ever. To demythologize that a little--let's say lifetime is 5 years--that's about $5 a month, or a third of the normal price. …

Peek seeks Linux developer

Peek, maker of the e-mail only handheld, is on the lookout for a linux developer to cut a distro for the ARM7-equipped machine. A "mini-consulting" gig is in the offing for whoever can get one up and running.

This …

Basic Peek model now $20 everywhere

Target, Radioshack and Amazon all now sell the unlimited email/messaging handset for $20: a murderously good deal for anyone who wants messaging but doesn't want a contract or an expensive data plan. Peek service starts at $16.65 a month if …

Original Peek now $20


Amazon has the baby blue Peek on special at $20, with free shipping.

If you want unlimited mobile email without a contract (the plan is $20 a month, cancel/reup any time) this is a no-brainer--but remember than the latest …

Free Peek upgrades in NY


GeekyPeek writes:

For any of you in NYC, we are upgrading Peeks in Midtown at the Gallway Hooker. If you have an older version of the Peek software on your device, we are upgrading customers to the Pronto version.


Review: A day with Peek Pronto


Improvements abound in Peek's latest email-only handheld, the Pronto. It has push email, can check up to 5 accounts, and is now compatible with Microsoft Exchange. It can now view PDF files and Word documents, has an improved search function, …

Peek disemvoweled for April Fools

Picture 2.png

And for a moment, I thought they'd really dropped the monthly service fee to $5. Boo!

Pk Prnt [Getpeek]…

Peek Pronto adds push email and unlimited messaging


Peek Pronto is the follow-up to last year's best new single-purpose gadget. Just $80 without a contract (with a $20 monthly data plan) the new edition has push email on up to 5 accounts, unlimited text messaging, MS Exchange …

Peek Pronto: new model with Exchange support, faster hardware?


A teaser for the Peek Pronto was up briefly earlier today. From an anonymous tipster:

It looks like there is a new Peek handheld model coming out. Rumor has it that the new model is going to undercut even the

Peek five-pack for $150

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Peek email-only handsets are $30 each until April 3, but there's a catch: you have to buy 5. They cost $20 a month to run, too, though there's no contract and you can quit whenever.

Product Page [Peek for Business]…