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Peek, the ultra-civilized letter-writing gadget, has its first non-messaging application: a client for WordPress. [GeekyPeek]…

Peek: more prefer no-payments-for-life deal

Peek is an email-only handset for people who don't want smartphones or the top-tier data plans required to check email on them. Even massively discounted at $44, however, the Peek's $20 monthly plan held it back. However, a Costco trial …

Peek email without subscription for $299

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For today and only today, you can get the Peek — the tiny little email-only PDA that Beschizza loved for being brazenly perfect at doing exactly what it was trying to do and not a jot more — for a …

12 days of Peekmas, starting with a free Kindle


Peek, maker of the slim email-only handset of the same name, is giving away a gadget a day in the run-up to Christmas.

1. At the beginning of each day for the next 12 days we are going to announce

Peek email-only handset is Wired's gadget of 2008

Peek, the thin email-only handset with a full keyboard, is Wired's gadget of 2008. From Peek's Amol Sarva:

Wired Magazine has had a huge impact on me over the years; I remember the first issue I ever saw. I remember

The Peek unlimited email PDA gets text messaging, image support


Most reviews of the Peek were content to review it based on things it had no interest in doing, but Beschizza really liked the tiny pocket email client, describing it as "the perfect simplifier, but only if you're a Peek …

Peek ruling Time's Gadget of Year List

Amol Sarva, maker of Peek, an e-mail only cellular handset, is elatedly pointing to its position as the runaway leader of Time's ongoing "Gadget of the Year" poll.

This will be a good way to separate one sort of …

Taking a Poke at the Peek


Makezine reader Maushammer took apart a Peek, the new email-only handset, to see what lay within. The answer? Heavily integrated circuits and an impressive metal backbone: "The insides are very simple."

If you're a Peek fan, check out the just-started …

Peek online store open for business


Peek, the mail-only handheld we recently reviewed, is now on sale at the official website, in advance of Sept. 15's rollout to Target stores.

Product Page [getPeek via Gizmodo]…

Review: Peek puts email in your pocket and removes voices from your head


Peek is a cellular handset that looks like a smartphone, but does one thing only: mail. A basic contact manager and image viewer serve that end, and the color scheme and audio alerts can be tweaked, but that's it. It …