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Asus launches pink Eee PC S101 [Lilliputing]

Fujitsu P8010 LE subnote brings the 3G, but also the pink

With it’s new “pink gold” lifebook, Fujitsu leans toward a consumer market where its traditionally-bland designs rarely alight. The limited edition P8010 also has 3G wireless WAN, giving it a severe advantage over other lookers in the category, like Sony’s … Continue reading

LEGO Pink Brick Box sadly not filled entirely with pink elements

LEGO sells this “Pink Brick Box” for $15, a tub of mostly standard full-sized bricks but with a few pink and green ones thrown in for good measure. I wish there were more beams and pieces I could use in … Continue reading

Pink Shotgun from Remington

Some might give you some speech about how making guns seem more like toys—painting them pink like this Remington 870 shotgun, for instance—might cause our kids to not give them the respect they deserve. Not me! The more pre-teen girls … Continue reading