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When media pirates are dicks


Printing stickers that say "Available Online For Free" and then pasting them to real-world merchandise that will have to be removed by retail workers convinces no one of an argument they already know. This is not how you usher in …

How to guilt trip software pirates


Some excellently worded guilt-tripping by the makers of USB Overdrive X in a response to a pirated key code being entered. The exasperation just drips.

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Nintendo kills the R4 with the DSi


According to long running GBA and DS homebrew site GBATemp, The DSi, Nintendo's update to the DS Lite, blocks almost all current flash carts from running code on the system. That includes the infamous R4, CycloDS and M3 cards. …

XKCD on piracy

This is the essence of the music industry's problem and why it has no credibility: it sees you as a criminal either way, so you may as well do it.

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Nintendo Wii software hacked to load ISO "backups"


Over the last two years, the Wii has stood fast, remarkably resilient to software piracy without a mod chip. That era seems to be over. The Wii Backup Loader purports to be a simple Wii Homebrew Channel program that, once …

Andy Baio on the evolution of Olympics pirating


Andy Baio over at Waxy has posted a great little write-up on the evolution of Olympics Games pirating between 2004 and 2008.

Back in 2004, the place to go for illegal Olympic videos wasn't BitTorrent, popular trackers like Suprnova, or

MPAA moves to close "analog hole"


The Motion Picture Association of America took a step Thursday toward gaining control of how living room equipment may send signals to TV sets. Pitching a technology called selectable output control (SOC), it responded to critics in a July 31 …

Aussies consider auditing music collections for piracy

Australia's government is looking at plans to inspect travelers' gadgets for pirated music at airport checkpoints. Moreover, the proposal is said to be part of broader international treaty discussions. From PC World:

Under the agreement, agents would be able to

Ubisoft distributes cracking group's no-CD patch as official


"Neilthecellist", a user on game publisher Ubisoft's official message boards, took a peek inside the official no-CD patch that had been released for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and discovered that it had been released before — as an …

SCEA CEO Jack Tretton on why no one develops for the PSP anymore: Pirates!


Engadget managed to snag Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO Jack Tretton by the coattails at E3 and ask him a few questions about Sony's PS3/PSP strategy going forward.

Sony does seem to have shed a lot of the arrogance …