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HOWTO Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven


Remember when I modded my conventional kitchen oven with $13.50 worth of ceramic firebricks? In that post, I linked to a variety of outdoor ovens that seemed intriguing, like the Peruvian igloo.

Well, Serious Eats's Slice blog reports on Mark …

Frankie Flood's pizza cutter designs


I love these custom pizza cutters designed by Frankie Flood. He has over half a dozen different designs, each with a different theme. This one is called the Gold Knuckle.

Frankie Flood main page via Neatorama

Video: "The pizza box of the 21st century"

It's nice that when I order a delivery pizza I'll no longer have to ask for extra sanctimony.…

Cast iron pan use #871,247: Making pizza


When I make pizza for the family, one of the pies goes on a stone but the other goes on a regular baking sheet. And guess what--it's just as good! Want to try a fun method? Bake it

This Exists: Deep-dish pizza vending machine


As a fan of both disgusting microwaved pizza-inspired calorie bars and vending machines, I find nothing at all threatening in this TombStone Deep Dish Pizza unit. I can think of nothing better with which to wash it down than a …

Pizza cutting scissors profane in the eyes of the Pizza God


Pizza purists will loudly revile the Pizza Pro, a strange merging of a spatula and a pair of scissors, which promises to allow you to cut a perfect slice and serve it with a single hand. It's standard Sky Mall …

"Fetch" Insulated Pizza Delivery Bags


Fetch-brand Pizza Bags are the very same insulated, foldable bags used by pizza delivery guys the world over, available now for your own use. While the demand doesn't seem to be terribly high—according to the company's "Success Counter," …