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Power On Self Test: Dead Format Device


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Last Polaroid film kits head to Urban Outfitters


20th century institutions die not with a bang, but as fashion accessories for hip kids. [Dazed Digital]…

Polaroid mirror


Only $23, but you could probably make your own with an old Polaroid snapshot, some tape and a pocket mirror.

Polaroid Mirror [Designboom]…

The Impossible Project: Firing up an old Polaroid instant film factory


"Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible." – Edwin Land, Inventor of Instant Photography

That's the quote that opens "The Impossible Project", a group of obdurate men who have purchased the old …

Polaroid cartridge as iPhone stand


Polaroid is a victim of the digicam revolution, but its artifacts already speak to the ages. Patrick Ng's iPhone stand, made from part of a used cartridge, is a perfect instant in using the old to enhance the new.


Make fake Polaroids the easy way


Though it won't laminate the printout in that classic white-framed cardboard sandwich, Poladroid will at least put your shots in a pleasant border and tint them just so. Cult of Mac's Giles Turnbull gushes:

It mimics a Polaroid camera

Polaroid to take another crack at the instant camera


Image: Squeaky Marmot

The instant camera was finally put to pasture early this year, as the Polaroid Corporation stopped producing film for the iconic take-and-shake camera. Polaroid wisely took advantage of the cessation to market their pocket-sized PoGo instant printer, …

Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer reviewed (Verdict: Shabby colors, but okay.)


PC Magazine has reviewed the "Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer," a cellphone-sized device that uses special, proprietary paper that has the ink already baked in. Because it's so inherently superficial to begin with — nobody needs to print pictures to …

Video: Polaroid SX-70 Commercial by Charles and Ray Eames x The Cramps

Here's a bizarre intersection of a certain subset of my friends and our interests: a retro commercial filmed by Charles and Ray Eames for the Polaroid SX-70, set by an unknown genius to The Cramps "Garbageman." (I'm in there …