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Review: GP2X Wiz runs retrogaming rings around mainstream rivals


Photos: Heather Beschizza

In Brief: GamePark's GPX2 Wiz is the best portable yet for retrogamers, but the high price argues against upgrading if you already own something similar. Near-perfect Amiga gaming kicks ass. It sets a high bar for imminent …

Panasonic makes first portable Blu-Ray player


Panasonic has announced the production of the world's first portable Blu-Ray player, featuring an 8.9 inch LCD screen, as well as Internet connectivity for BD Live and other Internet services like Amazon Video-on-Demand, YouTube, Bloomberg, etc. T

The New York

SifuF's portable N64: the Nintendo Sixtyfree Lite-R


Unlike most portable console mods, Ben Heck forumer SifuF's Nintendo Sixtyfree Lite-R doesn't look like a dictionary-like slab of plastic and particle board when viewed in profile. In fact, it's all very svelte, considering the console from which its guts …

The einö portable iPod dock


I rather like the this portable Japanese iPod dock by einö. No idea on the sound quality, of course (my guess is rather tinny, just by dint of being portable), but it has a certain allure in the combination of …

Who'd like a portable text game console?


BBG co-editor John Brownlee wants someone to make a simple, cheap handheld roguelike in a similar vein to the dedicated Tiger portable games of yore...

Some sort of UMPC or handheld console solution dedicated to one single purpose: Playing ASCII

Genius Traveler 350 Portable Trackball for You People


I know some of you freakazoid trackball people are still out there. (Don't email me to complain. You're the one with the problem!) But because I am not the type of judgmental person to point out what heinous, horrible human …

In Which I Melt Down Over the Troika AM/FM Radio


It is taking an act of will not to purchase this gorgeous AM/FM radio from German design haus Troika. It plucks every connective cord that resonates between my design lobe and my wallet—a smattering of silver knobs, a giant exposed …

SanDisk Sansa View Announced


SanDisk, maker of one of the best MP3 and media player lines out there, has announced the new Sansa View, with robust video support, expandable memory, and up to 16GB of storage. Priced to move at $200.

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