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International Sockets


Spot the mistakes!

Power Plugs and Sockets all over the World [Eurocom via Gizmodo]…

Visualizing the power grid


NPR has built an interactive graphic detailing the United States' power grid. [via Flowing Data]…

Pedal power laptop charger turns foot tapping into battery charge


This foldable laptop charger by Yogen Max translates nervous foot tapping into usable juice. Or it will, once it gets knocked out of the prototype phase. Fair enough, but someone should really figure out how to charge a laptop on …

Stay warm with Ardica jacket–and power your gadgets, too


Ardica makes a vest that conceals a large, flat battery. It provides not only power to your gear, but heat to your body.

The makers claim it holds "11 cell phone charges, 20 iPod charges and and enough juice to …

Apple recalls iPhone USB power adapters


Apple's tiny mains-to-USB power adapter, supplied with iPhone 3Gs, may easily break, leaving the prongs lodged dangerously in the socket. From the AP:

We have received reports of detached blades involving a very small percentage of the adapters sold,

How Japanese laptop manufacturers measure battery life

In a little blip about Sony's decision to amend their stated laptop battery life numbers, Gizmodo's Elaine Chow explains a little bit about how those Japanese manufacturers cook up those numbers in the first place:

Notebook vendors usually base

Inexpensive colored glass coming to solar harvesting windows


Two MIT researchers have developed a simple method to use "organic solar concentrators" — colored glass — to create windows framed by solar cells that can "increase the electrical power obtained from each solar cell 'by a factor of over …

Philippe Starck back with a designer consumer wind turbine


Designer Philippe Starck got a bit petulant last spring, looked back a lauded career in design and proclaimed it all "unnecessary." I've been known to traffic in those same fruitless feelings of hopelessness about gadgetry myself, cathartic as they may …

Keeping perspective: phone charger vampire power about the same as one hot bath

David MacKay of the University of Cambridge has published a giant report comparing energy use in various scenarios, adding a exhalation-inducing bit of perspective on our daily, personal power use. Treehugger reports:

Case in point - cell phone chargers. David

DanceCharge strap converts sinful self-expression into practical, honest electricity


An experimental kinetic energy recharger will be strapped to the arms of a few music fans as they whip and snap their taut, delicious teen bodies through England's Glastonbury Festival this weekend. Inside the strap-on pad from delicately named corporation …