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Toy designers' variable velocity gun plays for keeps

David Hambling explains the "VVWS", the "Variable Velocity Weapon System" from toy design firm Lund & Company that can fire either lethal bullets or low-velocity, non-lethal rounds:
The version of the VVWS currently being developed would be a purely

The Logitech Mice That Weren't

Logitech is getting a bit nostalgic, but they deserve it: they've just shipped their billionth mouse. As part of their look back over the last 20 years of the company, they have provided this fantastic slideshow showing many of…

1946 Mathis 333 3-Wheeled Car Prototype

Modern Mechanix provides this scan of a 1946 Popular Science, pointing to this three-wheeled prototype from French auto manufacturer Mathis. A little digging uncovers that a "Mathis 333" prototype was built and shown at the 1946 Paris Motor show,…