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Toy designers' variable velocity gun plays for keeps


David Hambling explains the "VVWS", the "Variable Velocity Weapon System" from toy design firm Lund & Company that can fire either lethal bullets or low-velocity, non-lethal rounds:

The version of the VVWS currently being developed would be a purely

The Logitech Mice That Weren't


Logitech is getting a bit nostalgic, but they deserve it: they've just shipped their billionth mouse. As part of their look back over the last 20 years of the company, they have provided this fantastic slideshow showing many of …

1946 Mathis 333 3-Wheeled Car Prototype


Modern Mechanix provides this scan of a 1946 Popular Science, pointing to this three-wheeled prototype from French auto manufacturer Mathis. A little digging uncovers that a "Mathis 333" prototype was built and shown at the 1946 Paris Motor show, …