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Sony backpedals, claims PSP-3000 will have same battery life after all


Last week, Sony's PlayStation Director of Hardware Marketing, John Koller, said the new, brighter PSP-3000 would suffer a battery life loss of up to half an hour. Now he's furiously backtracking.

I'd like to make a correction and clarify

Sony discontinues PSP extended battery, releases PSP-3000 with less battery life, plans new extended battery to combat piracy


A few weeks ago, Sony unceremoniously discontinued its PSP extended life battery: a must-have accessory for die-hard PSPers which extended the stock battery life of the handheld into the 8-10 hour range. PSP lovers everywhere eloi eloi lama sabachthanied at …

Sony hopes PSP-3000's better screen will help kill off piracy


Sony is convinced that piracy is killing the PSP. That's debatable (and, I think, incredibly wrong) but they've done their damnedest to stamp out home brew since the get go with their incremental firmware updates. Unfortunately for Sony, each of …

Sony Europe CEO: Hey, why not Bittorrent our games?


Asked why Sony can't release PAL region games for the PSP in a more timely manner even to English-speaking countries like the U.K. and Australia, SCEE CEO David Reeves gives some great advice:

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SCEA CEO Jack Tretton on why no one develops for the PSP anymore: Pirates!


Engadget managed to snag Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO Jack Tretton by the coattails at E3 and ask him a few questions about Sony's PS3/PSP strategy going forward.

Sony does seem to have shed a lot of the arrogance …

Make music on PlayStation Portable with PSPSeq 3


The third edition of PSPSeq, a fully-featured homebrew sequencer app with 16 audio tracks, is now available. You can use your own samples (in WAV format) or use a selection of softsynths to put together your choons. Hack a Day …

Is the iPhone the Next Wii?


Of all the software demonstrated at the iPhone SDK launch yesterday, nothing was more compelling to me than the games. With the addition of the iTunes App Store which will allow iPhone users to purchase and install third-party applications right …