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A portrait of the shower radio as a bottle of shampoo


"Various color for your selection."

Product Page [Alibaba via Technabob, ShinyShiny, 7gadgets]…

Singgih Kartono's Magno (medium) wooden radio available for pre-order


Singgih Kartono's latest wooden radio, the Magno, is available for pre-order from Areaware for $250. Tuning for the radio station by dialing in coordinates is adorable.

The ad copy for both Magno (medium) and the Magno (small) indicates they have …

Clever antenna engineering on iPhone 3G

From Apple's iPhone wireless features page:

iPhone 3G delivers UMTS, HSDPA, GSM, Wi-Fi, EDGE, GPS, and Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR in one compact device – using only two antennas. Clever iPhone engineering integrates those antennas into a few unexpected

Assembling radios by hand, 1925


Here's the radio set assembling room at the Atwater Kent factory in Philadelphia in 1925. Thank goodness those ladies had all those men to stand around, directing and observing.

Queens of the Radio: 1925 [Shorpy]…

Cute Japanese transistor radio has dials for eyes


It's a pity this retro Japanese transistor radio in the shape of an owl already sold for $77 on eBay. I would have snapped it up for myself.

Auction Page [] (Thanks, Susie!)…

Motorola's 180-gram spy radio has GPS, end-to-end encryption

Is frisking someone for a wire still much use as an anti-surveillance measure? Motorola, with its TETRA Covert Radio, has removed any hope of easily ratting out the spies: it weighs only 180 grams and can "easily be concealed in …

Vintage Microphone Gallery


Core77 has a great collection of collections of vintage microphones. Shiny!

True industrial design: vintage mic's []…

WorkTunes Hearing Protection Muffs


These "WorkTunes" hearing-protection muffs from AO Safety have a built in AM/FM radio. It's like the headphone Walkmen Sports all over again, complete with black-and-yellow design. Listen to talk radio while you jackhammer.

You can pick up a pair of …

Freeplay Companion Crank- and Solar-Powered Radio, Charger


Freeplay Energy is set to sell the "Freeplay Companion," an AM/FM radio with the typical Freeplay crank for powering the device, as well as an integrated solar panel, flashlight, and phone charger. The best thing is the price: around $30.…

Eton FR1000 Crank Radio with Walkie-Talkie


While the likelihood of be ever living in a place where I would be completely off the grid is pretty unlikely, I still adore hand-cranked whatevers, even after owning a few and giving myself cramps trying to keep them …