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The Man-from-Mars Radio Hat (1949)


From the cover story of the 1949 issue of Radio-Electronics (formerly Radio-Craft) about the latest in portable audio technology, the Radio Hat.

Power is supplied by a tiny 8-ounce battery pack that fits into a pocket and connects to

In Which I Melt Down Over the Troika AM/FM Radio


It is taking an act of will not to purchase this gorgeous AM/FM radio from German design haus Troika. It plucks every connective cord that resonates between my design lobe and my wallet—a smattering of silver knobs, a giant exposed …

Wooden Radio from Scrap Ebony


This wooden radio, designed by Indonesian designer Singgih S. Kartono, is made from the scrap lumber generated from the production of Java ebony. It's only 18 centimeters wide and quite lovely. I don't listen to radio, really, but I would …

Solar-Powered Radio from the '50s


Modern Mechanix, astute as always, asks this question about this solar-powered radio from 1956, said to operate in the dark for up to eight months without recharging: "If they have a battery that powers the radio for eight months …

1955 Huffy Radio Bike


Image: kayakbiker

First released in 1955, the Huffy Radio Bike featured a real, working AM radio inside its body, powered by batteries held in a rear rack carrier, with signals received by an antenna wired inside the frame.

From a …

Modular "Mother" Radio from 1948


There's a little bit of everything in this scan from a 1948 Popular Science article, whether you're a fan of user-serviceable modular electronics or just misogynist condescension. Titled "Mother Could Fix This Radio," it shows off the first production model …

Radioshift: Time-Shifting Software for Streaming and Terrestrial Radio


"Radioshift" is a Mac-only audio recording tool that works like a DVR for both streaming internet radio stations and—with the addition of the $50 Griffin Radio Shark—AM/FM over-the-air stations. I do most of my radio listening via podcasts, but …