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Gallery of vintage transistor radios


Got a few hours to kill? While your time in the Flickr stream of Transistor Radios, a vintage electronics collector.…

Rainbows and Radios


This could well be the name of the official BBG role-playing game.

Image [Tervaja's Gallery]…

Top X: 10 Perfectly Pure Gadgets


By BBG Staff

Perfection? Some gadgets are already perfect. They don't need further technological advancement. They're pure. If you change one thing about them significantly, you make them worse. You change their nature entirely. When someone finally comes up with

Horde of vintage trannies on Flickr


No, not the Scottsdale chapter of Quentin Crisp's fan club: it's Michael Jack's astonishing collection of more than 900 classic radios. Pictured here is a rare jade green Recency TR-1, a design that would be almost completely ageless were it …