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Tread: Expensive bags made from recycled bike truck tires


The same people who make the Solio solar chargers have released a whole new line of bags, laptop sleeves, and gadget cases under the "Tread" brand. Each of the items is made from recycled inner tube tires from trucks.

Most …

Flat-Pack "Eco" Speakers Made from 100% Recycled Materials


Yes, these "Eco Speakers" have cabinets made from cardboard. But the manufacturer also claims they are made from "100% recycled materials," which should include the drivers and housings as well, which is laudable. And they're only $15—if you can find …

Ann Smith's Recycled Gadget Creatures


Ann Smith creates sculptures from old gadgets, then uses stop-motion photography to animate their motion. Wired has a small gallery of some of her lovely creations.

Tossed-Out Electronics Are Reincarnated as Stop-Mo Animal Bots [Wired]…