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LEGO Jesus Christ


The Revelations of St. John of LEGO


The Brick Testament does the Book of Revelation. Fantastic. I want this to be an official set.…

LED Menorah


For the Festival of Blinkenlights.

LED motherboard menorah [Fred Flare via Hack a Day]…

LittleBigPlanet recalled over Quran quotes in music


Sony's upcoming world creation puzzler LittleBigPlanet was supposed to be released today. In fact, it's already getting rave reviews and blast-off penis rocketship videos. Yet bizarrely, Sony has made a costly last minute decision to delay the game by …

Digital Buddhist Jukebox Plays Tibetan Chants


While searching for the source of the phrase "The things you own end up owning you," mistakenly thinking it was a riff on Buddhist wisdom but discovering it's actually a line from Fight Club, a movie that suggests we …

Kuka: Robot Ascetic Inscribes Bible


Image: Marc Wathieu

Kuka, what appears to be a fairly standard industrial robot, has been reprogrammed to inscribe the entire Martin Luther bible onto a endless roll of paper. It uses a calligraphic style translated by its creators RobotLab from …

Survival Mosque by Azra Akšamija


"Survival Mosque" is a political and artistic statement in kit form, concealing several items designed to help Muslims deal with a jingoist American culture. Inside, explains We Make Money Not Art, is:

an American-flag pattern that communicates patriotism, an

Left Behind Game Developers Send Lawyers After Critics


Like most, I love to kill people of faith. I don't have a real preference—Wiccans; Extropians; Star Wars fans—as long as they cry out to some deity when I pop their noggins with a high-powered rifle and giggle as their …