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LEGO Jesus Christ


The Revelations of St. John of LEGO

The Brick Testament does the Book of Revelation. Fantastic. I want this to be an official set.…

LED Menorah

For the Festival of Blinkenlights. LED motherboard menorah [Fred Flare via Hack a Day]…

LittleBigPlanet recalled over Quran quotes in music

Sony's upcoming world creation puzzler LittleBigPlanet was supposed to be released today. In fact, it's already getting rave reviews and blast-off penis rocketship videos. Yet bizarrely, Sony has made a costly last minute decision to delay the game by…

Digital Buddhist Jukebox Plays Tibetan Chants

While searching for the source of the phrase "The things you own end up owning you," mistakenly thinking it was a riff on Buddhist wisdom but discovering it's actually a line from Fight Club, a movie that suggests we…

Kuka: Robot Ascetic Inscribes Bible

Image: Marc Wathieu Kuka, what appears to be a fairly standard industrial robot, has been reprogrammed to inscribe the entire Martin Luther bible onto a endless roll of paper. It uses a calligraphic style translated by its creators RobotLab from…

Survival Mosque by Azra AkÅ¡amija

"Survival Mosque" is a political and artistic statement in kit form, concealing several items designed to help Muslims deal with a jingoist American culture. Inside, explains We Make Money Not Art, is:
an American-flag pattern that communicates patriotism, an

Left Behind Game Developers Send Lawyers After Critics

Like most, I love to kill people of faith. I don't have a real preference—Wiccans; Extropians; Star Wars fans—as long as they cry out to some deity when I pop their noggins with a high-powered rifle and giggle as their…