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Review: A day with Seagate's Replica


Seagate's objective in designing its Replica backup kit was to make a replica of Time Machine, but for Windows PCs. It works exactly as promised, and in similar fashion to Apple's no-brainer backup system.

From the blurb:

Unlike most

If man were meant to fly, God would have given him wood-working tools


Bob May built this amazing replica of da Vinci's il volo instrumentale for the Weber Public Library in Ogden, Utah.

If you want to try your hand at something similar but less ambitious, a smaller replica with a 34-inch wingspan …

Minox's replica vintage Rolleiflex digicam


Minox's high-precision replica of the vintage Rolleiflex 6x6 camera doesn't meet any of my requirements in a a digicam — it's not sleek, thin and it only has a 5-megapixel camera — but good lord, is it sexy. The finder …

Replica AirWolf Helmet with Working "Speed Visor"


This replica helmet based on those seen in the '80s network series AirWolf has a "fully-functional Speed Visor," as well as an "LED targeting bar" and some other stuff, like five switches to boost up to Over-Awesome. It's available on …