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Rubik's Cube stamp can print any letter


Give a brief to create a font generator able to print the word "Move" on real paper, Jas Bhachu crafted this amazing stamp from a Rubik's Cube. Able to represent a huge number of glyphs, the result is a versatile—if …

Rubik's Cube Card Reader


USB 270° x 270° Cubic Card Reader [Brando via Awesomer]…

Rubik's Mirror


Rubik's Mirror Blocks, with its exploded segments and weirdly foreshortened grid, looks like the classic cube puzzle gone wrong. It's exactly the same size – at least when solved – but unlike the original, every side is the same color.…

Elac woofer is something of a puzzle


Rubik's subwoofer is in fact a special edition of Elac's Microsub 2010BT, which grabs music via BlueTooth from the very air. It has stereo speakers integrated for stand-alone use. No peeling off and rearranging the stickers, now.

Product Page [Ela …

Rubik hacks


Just one example from a stupendous gallery assembled by Dark Roasted Blend.

Geekiest LEGOs and Rubik Cubes