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As If Keeping Time Weren't Difficult Enough...


Everyone knows being a drummer kind of sucks. You sit in the back and watch the singer take all the credit. The guitar player's always stealing your lady (unless you're Mick Fleetwood). Your gear is HEAVY and, most importantly, …

Ural-T, entry-level Russian sidecar motorcycle


Ural has a new model on North American shores, the "Ural-T" (Model IMZ-8.1037), with the air-cooled four-stroke flat twin cylinder engine making 40HP you've come to know and tolerate. But of course it retains Ural's trademark feature, those …

In Russia, Case Mods You


Have Atoms, Will Travel: Mobile Soviet nuclear power plants


Before Chernobyl, Russian engineers deployed autonomous nuclear power plants to remote locations, many of which rode on self-powered tank treads. [via Red Ferret]

Old Russian analog viewfinder gives Lumix LX3 Red zazz


Aaphovasse tells us:

Not wanting to spend 300 dollars for the Lumix LX3 viewfinder, I found this one on one of old Russian cameras I got in Moscow many years ago. The wide angle setting works perfectly for the 16:9

Comrade Calculator Cultivates Prosperity


Sergei Frolov curated a gallery of vintage Soviet calculators, including several like this beauty that use nixie tubes for the readout. Don't miss the cloned owlculator, Chinese Casio knock-offs, strange mice, a kid's calculator without a

Russian keyboard stones


Spotted in Ekaterinburg, Russia: a keyboard layout of concrete stepping stones. Doubtlessly all the strange Cyrillic characters have been rubbed off by the skipping feet of vodka-swigging hooligans.

Spotted: Literal Keyboard Stepping Stones [Geeksugar]…

Optimus Maximus: The Rise and...Can you fall if you never rose?


Russia! magazine takes a look back at the long and tumultuous gestation of the Optimus Maximus keyboard, the $1,500 keyboard from Art Lebedev with tiny OLED screens embedded under each hard-to-push keycaps.

And the notion that it’s really not all

Excellent Russian Fire Extinguisher Speaker Mod


It's a fact: all the best hardware modders come from Russia. Perhaps its a genetic imprint left behind by 70 years of Stalinism forced everyone to cludge together a solution from flotsam pieces of state-branded tech, everyone in Russia seems …

Putin's satellite-tracked dog not a harbinger for anything

Oh, Russia.


MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's black labrador dog, Koni, Friday was given a collar that will allow her master to track her movements by satellite. ... "She looks sad," Ivanov said. "Her free life is