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Russia's wide and scenic Vistas


Window Vista Ad [English Russia via Crunch]…

Lord British in Star City


Wired has a great article up following gaming's favorite fruity Ren Fairer, Richard Garriott aka "Lord British" as he trains to be launched into space as "an effete space tourist, or monkey" at Russia's Zvyozdny Gorodok, aka Star City.


Lebedenko's massive, land-crawling Tsar Tank


A post on a Russian Steampunk (Stimpank!) community offers a gallery of attractive images of N. Lebedenko's amazing Netopyr, or Tsar Tank: a massive tricycle-like armored vehicle with a wheel span of 27 feet and cannons loaded on a rotating …

Straight from the CCCP: the Robotron 1715


You know, the USSR gets a lot of bad press in the Western world, what with its gulag archipelagos and the ruthless oppression of half of Europe and Asia for over half a century. Granted, that all seems pretty bad, …

In Russia Even President-Elect Use Smuggled iPhone

Sipping my coffee here in a Real Canadian Marriott—lovely people, the Mariotts—I noticed this little blip in the Globe & Mail about smuggled iPhones in Russia, where the unlocked phones have become such a status symbol that even the President-elect

Polonium Pen Checks for Radioactive ApƩritifs


A clever hacker has created a pint-sized radiation tested he's dubbed the "Polonium Pen" in reference to Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian spook who was killed after drinking a cup of tea laced with the radioactive isotope (according to the …

Elektronika MK-152: Retrograde Russian Programmable Calc


While the poster at Paradoxoff is slagging this "Elektronika MK-152" programable calculator—and it is very humble, with only half a meg of memory, membrane keys, and no power supply—I find its sturdy Russian construction and no-fuss design appealing. Of course, …

Case Mod: Soviet-Era Wooden TV


This gorgeous lump of wood and pure sex is an all-in-one PC housed inside a wooden chassis that once held a Russian television. What a beaut.

Epic House Move [ via via Technabob]…

World's *est: Art Lebedev Pultius Cudgel-like Remote


The Pultius remote from Art Lebedev is half a meter long, with separate buttons for channels one through ninety-nine. (And "100," "200," and "300" buttons for good measure.) I sort of love it. It is likely just a design project, …

Video: Motionless Helicopter Rotor Illusion

New Anti-Gravity Helicopter - Watch more free videos

The blades of the Russian MI-24 Hind helicopter in this video are perfectly in sync with the "shutter" of the videocamera filming it, making it appear as if the blades are not …