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Optical mouse with built-in digital scale is coke fiend blogger's delight


There's little to be done, feature-wise, to make a mouse stand out from the competition short of making it just really excellent: hence, the crap gadgeteer's constant feature mash-ups. This particular $50 optical mouse doubles as a digital scale, capable …

Balanzza travel scale for frequent fliers


The new "Balanzza" travel scale is designed to assist travelers by making pre-flight weight checks less of an exercise in surprise. Even better, the press release for the $25 gadget included this handy chart. I updated the information for JetBlue …

Pocket Scale Masquerades as iPhone


This "CP3-500" pocket scale has a removable faceplate that has been painted to look like an iPhone. Flip the case over to uses it as a tray to cradle that which will be measured.

The CP3-500 works up to 500 …