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Making a 130-megapixel camera from a flatbed scanner and an old camera lens

What do you get when you combine an old Epson flatbed scanner, a 50mm Canon lens, and a little elbow grease? A 130-megapixel camera perfect for shooting ridiculously high-rez photos of your desk. The project is the work of this … Continue reading

How to make your own network scanning rig

We recently covered a networked scanner for serious business, able to whip through stacks of documents at a rate of 30 a minute, or just pound through endless heavy-duty office service. At $2,500, it’s not the sort of thing that … Continue reading

Slides 2 PC slide scanner is a cheap, easy way to digitize forgotten memories

Ion Audio is now selling a USB 35mm slide digitizer called the Slides 2 PC. For less than $100, it digitizes each slide at a respectable (but not incredible) 5 megapixels. The whole process is painless: you simply push a … Continue reading

$250k book scanner swipes through 3,000 pages per hour

Just watching the DL 3000 book scanner in operation scares me. The bars that swoop over the book, raising and flapping pages, seem far too large and heavy-duty; it’s as if a brush of wind or the slightest nudge would … Continue reading

Sharp’s Scanning, Multi-Touch LCD Display

Engadget got a chance to play with the very cool new Sharp LCD displays which are capable of using each of the pixels as an optical scanner, enabling both multi-touch capabilities and the ability to scan in paper that is … Continue reading