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Pumgo pedal-pump-powered scooter


If you're smart like me, you realize that running is for people without the desire to try to eke as much pleasure from as little energy expenditure as possible. (Watch this space for my eyetwitch-activated Skittles launcher, as soon as …

Carlos Alberto's wooden Vespa scooter


You know what you could do if you were totally awesome? Build a wooden Vespa. Carlos Alberto did it. You know why?…

Local Hero: Cranky man on mobility scooter vs. snow, good sense


Derek Chatwood writes, "This guy was zooming down Pike St. and then heading down 1st Ave, narrowly avoiding a head-on collision. Muttering loudly to himself the whole way."


I love you, cranky old daredevil!…

Piaggio's MP3 hybrid scooter gets 141 MPG


There's a couple of reasons I like the look of Piaggio's new plug-in MP3 Hybrid Scooter.

The first is the technology. According to Piaggio, the MP3 will be capable of up to 141 miles per gallon, with zero-to-sixty times of …

Gorgeously modified Japanese retro scooter (Whateverpunk!)


Impetuous steampunk (STIMPANK!) maestro Jake von Slatt christens this the world's first Japanese steampunk scooter. Nay, sir. Do not agree. But wonderful all the same! The plucky source explains:

Upon exiting the supermarket the other day, I came across this

Scooter from Old Appliances Complete, Dubbed "Quicksilver"


Remember that neato scooter built from old appliances? "Nemomatic" has it completed and has put up a whole series of pictures and details on Instructables. And unlike my picture before, these are in color!

"Quicksilver" Retro-Future Scooter from

Folding Electric RoboScooter Prototype


The "RoboScooter" isn't really robotic at all, but ignoring the nomenclature it's still got verve. Designed at MIT's Media Lab in partnership with SYM/Sanyang Motors, the prototype electric scooter is made from just 150 discrete parts, making maintenance and upkeep …

Scooter Built from Old Appliances


Artist Nemo Gould is building this fine-looking scooter from old gadgets and appliances, including a tail-light made from an old '50s vacuum cleaner.

The pictures on his site actually aren't in black-and-white, but for some reason that's the way OS …

Rideable Electric Chest Cooler


Somewhere today a dedicated football game tailgater will see this rideable electric cooler/scoot hybrid. A light will go off in his head. Visions of fame and adventure in the stadium parking lot will usher forth like a home team tearing …

Yamaha's Folding Electric "Bobby" Scooter

bobbyscooter.jpg has this picture of the Yamaha "Bobby" concept folding electric scooter, shown at this year's Tokyo Auto Show. (Great name!) Sadly, while this is the expanded version, the folded-up mode isn't all that much smaller. I'd still putt-putt—or whirr-whirr—the …