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Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA8 water-proof to 10 feet, one third of the Flip Video Ultra underwater housing

Sanyo has announced another low-end Xacti, the DMX-CA8, a companion to the new CG9. It's still a VGA camera, something for which many people are dinging it, but it does manage to at least do 60FPS. And as my…

UDI Dive Computer Can Send Underwater Text Messages

The "UDI" from UTC-Digital is a dive computer that includes remote S.O.S. transmission and SMS-like messaging ability. You can't actually input unique messages when you're underwater, but can instead choose from 14 pre-configured text messages, such as "I need help.…

Oobject's Diving Helmet Collection

The latest collection on Oobject is a treat: retro and modern real-life diving helmets. As an amateur diver myself, I'm enjoying the frisson from two types of lust: wishing I could afford to buy some of the modern full-face masks…